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How to Create the Ghost Effect!

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New Bayou Savage website!

The Bayousavage.com is up and reborn.  We tried to keep up as much as we could from the old website with a few new twists (check out the music tab)  Thanks to all of you for your support.  Music, wine, and good story telling is a great combination.


Here is the link to the new website:  https://bayousavage.com/Screen Shot 2011-10-08 at 6.27.06 AM

Vintage Ghosts

I have wondered what the timeline is between a ghost and a “vintage” ghost?

Maybe we need a taxonomy of timelines.  A name for the different time periods, say 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s 1900’s, 20th century.  Any suggestions?

Maybe we need a taxonomy of types:  Say military ghost, occupation ghosts (butcher, baker, candlestick maker) crook ghosts, politician ghosts, sorry didn’t mean to be redundant.  Wonder what the full spectrum of afterlife would be.  Somebody has already done this I bet.  If you know, let me know.


Haunted Ebay

Sell your creepy possessed items on eBay.  Make sure you have a good back story (came from a cemetery, battle ground, hospital, funeral home, dilapidated old house that has been featured on Ghost Hunters and proven haunted) and what triggers the energy release.

fyi, dolls are the best sellers.

Happy Holidays!  Smile, Dean



New artist working on the new Bayou Savage, book III cover

We are pleased to announce we have commissioned Alfred Trujillo to do the cover for book III, Bayou Savage, Guitar Ghost Fighter, “Attack on the Institute.”  We have looked long and hard to find the right artist, stay tuned, project should be finished in a few weeks!  Here are some examples of his artwork.

Normal is, as Paranormal does.

Horror Stories

Are ghosts just angels that didn't get the job? -Mara Lee

The Paranormal world is displayed in unique and fragmented segments, on the web.

As a quality expert, I have simply categorized them into four groups.

  • The true believers.
  • The non-believers {or naysayers}
  • The followers. This is the segment that is just plain curious, or fascinated with the paranormal world. They search for hours looking for the answers that will confirm, or deny, the validity of the unexplained.  In a quality situation that would be the process utilized to gather enough data to document and deliver the findings. Thus, allowing these examiners the scientific data that may persuade them to make a decision, either way, on their behalf.
  • and…don’t forget ghosts on TV and people that just like being scared out of their shorts.

I have a grip on the Believers and the Followers. The question is, how can non-believers really be so sure that they haven’t experienced a paranormal experience?


Optimizing Your Paranormal Adventure

The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. ~Eden Phillpotts

Has something ever happened to you that could not be explained? Something so weird that the only explanation lead you to a paranormal one?

Happens to me all of the time, at my day job of quality auditing.  (Just joking!)

So many of us have experienced strange events, at one time or another.  If this is intriguing to you and  you are one of those people who would like to take it the next step…stay tuned!

This is not about ghosts; it is a detailed “Adventure Organizing Tool” that I have authored and am now in the process of publishing.

As with any quality controlled event, paranormal investigations need organizing tools, as well. They are mutual alliances.  Creating a plan to implement quality into an organized framework, is extremely logical and an amazing time saver, in collecting and analyzing data.

Ghost hunting is about gathering evidence, analyzing that evidence and establishing a verdict, while having an extraordinary experience. With my soon to be published eBook…“Optimizing Your Paranormal Adventure” you will be able to qualify your efforts with a quick, concise and very organized plan.

If you appreciate an effective and efficient investigation and you find yourself tired of the chaos of a ghost hunt gone wrong, then this Ebook is going to be perfect for you.

More to follow….Smile!