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Word for the day “Psychomancy”


2 Haunting pics I liked

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Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium

What a graph! Worth the view!


New Year 2013 Skeptical Paranormal Investigation Thoughts

Sometimes I witness malignant science in ghost hunting, investigations with carelessness, incompetence, and over-emphasis of authority.  Surround yourself with educated, emotional intelligent hunters, makes investigation less bizarre.  Example: Person with haunted object, but says putting in a glass case stops the mojo.  Why?  How does the glass do that?  Sometimes I think there are no haunted objects, just haunted people.  Sometimes we accept supernatural, paranormal or irrational explanations of quite ordinary events and claims that could be explained by careful investigation.



Bayou Savage, Guitar Ghost Fighter, evolution and thoughts.

2004 seems like a long time ago.

That was when the first Bayou Savage novel was produced, “The Resurrection.”  Simple concept, a guitar player who inherits a guitar with magical powers that kill evil.  The concept came about due to one song.  “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zepplin.  As a teenager listening to that song I always loved the weird part in the middle.  It always sounded to me like Jimmy Page was in a haunted house.  He was being attacked by evil ghosts.  He crawls towards his guitar and then smokes the evil ghosts by playing holy licks.  Through the years I wrote the scenario and instilled my own bio with my real dad.  The Razor character (which has been voted most favorite in the series) is my dad in real life.  All with parents know their speeches.  This was easy to write!  Imagine Patton and Chet Atkins in the same person, that’s Razor.  And funny! Dad (Razor) is still alive and still raising hell and playing mean guitar.  He just turned 83.

Chase Walker, my friend,  read my first novel, suggested some edits, added much organization and life.  So, we rewrote the first novel and co-wrote the second.  Chase, my literary brother, I have always loved your input.  Keeping me sane and straight through all of these novels.  You have been an incredible friend and co-writer, and keeper of the organizational threads.  And… For all who have supported Chase Walker and myself through these years, we really appreciate you.

The “Bayou Savage” adventure continues, we have been working on book III, “Attack on the Institute” for years.  It is the end of the series.  Its Armageddon and the finale of one of the main characters.  Chase is wrapping it up now.
Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  For all you musicians, break a string!


Dean Russell

Energy Vampires, cool blog post by Jon Gordan

If you don’t like the thought of letting people off the bus you are not alone. That’s why I always tell leaders and managers that you won’t have to let EV’s off the bus if you create a positive culture where EV’s are uncomfortable being negative. If you create a strong, positive culture that attracts positive people, fosters positive communication and generates positive energy, the EV’s who are unwilling to change will walk off the bus themselves because they don’t fit in. Energy Vampires don’t like the light.