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North Carolina Ghosts

North Carolina’s mountains are full of phantoms, spooks, haunts, haints, weird creatures and crazy happenings. The hills are filled with classic ghost stories, and with places to go to seek out the unusual and paranormal. We’ve got demon dogs, haunted hot springs, mysterious lights, stories and songs to keep folk singers and storytellers busy forever.


Ghost Hunting, Dopamine, am I getting delusional?

Looking at the DSM 5.  Look you’ll. Let’s look at hormones and could they influence a ghost hunt, Bigfoot hunt, paranormal investigation?

For this blog we are just looking at one hormone.  DOPAMINE!

What is dopamine

Dopamine is one of the brain’s neurotransmitters – a chemical transmitting messages between neurons.

Why is it important?

Dopamine is often referred to as a “reward chemical.”  “Reinforcement” would be a better term.  Dopamine reinforces and orients attention and motivation.  When dopamine gets activated in our brains by a particular stimulus or action, it is nature’s way of telling us that something is important for us.  It is nature’s way of telling us to focus on particular stimulus.

How does it relate to paranormal investigations?

When we detect more “signal” than relative to “noise”, then we identify more patterns.  This is called “patternicity,” the tendency to find meaningful patterns in both meaningful and meaningless noise.

New research suggests that dopamine plays an important role in error detection, helping to determine whether a perception meets expectations or predictions.  When there is a discrepancy or error between expectations and perceptions (say a signal of the paranormal) then dopamine release might mark the event as important, novel and warranting attention.  If the perception exceeds expectation, it may be experience as rewarding or pleasurable and the person will want to repeat the experience.

It gets worse!

The most common type of delusion is called a “referential” delusion.  Everything happens for a reason.  The environment is somehow being manipulated.  With patternicity the detection of hidden messages and signs are not coincidences.

Dopamine over-activity may erroneously reinforce the learning or pairing of associations between what would otherwise be unrelated, or coincidental events to be attributed to the paranormal.

As I have said many times, I want to believe, but also want my science training to kick in and verify and validate my conclusions.  A dopamine release in a ghost hunt could influence the reality of what is happening.

Jus saying….


Keep smiling and thinking!

Dean Russell


Throwing fellow hunters under the bus

From the Vital Smarts newsletter:  “Throwing someone under the bus—all in the name of fun.”

In these situations, silence isn’t golden. It’s agreement. When we don’t speak up, we show our support for the people doing the badmouthing. We’re helping to throw the person under the bus.

It’s this kind of poisonous conversation that causes bad morale to spread across a team or organization. It begins with a seemingly innocuous joke, which is really the leading edge of an attack. Instead of saying something like, “I see it differently,” others in the conversation remain silent or add to the wisecrack, amplifying the attack.

The group is creating a villain story at someone’s expense, without stopping to question the story’s truth or giving the person a chance to respond. As the story is repeated and grows unchallenged, it becomes full of what the comedian Stephen Colbert calls “truthiness.” It may be several steps away from the facts, but it feels true. And it poisons the workplace.GH-GuideCover-V4

Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting Clutter Starts Long Before It Shows Up In Your Hunt

Before the chaos shows up in your ghost hunt, it has to start somewhere…and where it starts is not in your car or haunt site. So trying to “fix it” at the level of that level without looking at the real source isn’t going to change anything.

I believe clutter starts inside of you. Your outer environment is simply a reflection of what’s going inside you, inside your mind, in your thoughts and beliefs, and consciousness. What do you think?

ANALYSIS: Real-Life ‘Paranormal Activity’: Are Ghosts Real?

What a graph! Worth the view!


Perspective, ghosts and time

When you look up at the skies at night and look at the stars, you see more than the light, you see a million clocks.

The one thing that determines all of our deaths….. is the passage of time.  The universe is 13.7 billion years old.  Our lives are a blink in time.  We have countful moments, not countless.

We all die.  Death is the birth of ghosts.

If there are ghosts, it would be interesting how they crossed over the time barrier.  How they see time, use time, do they know the past, the future?  Do they run out of time?

Time, the connections are deeper than my limited intuition can understand.  A ghost is an effect, an effect that deters our normal entropy, atrophy, apathy systems.