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Ghost are voices of history in the present



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As light faded, a century dissolved, and I heard ghosts. No ectoplasm or voices, just a powerful presence of the past, heightened by the potential consequences of my own folly in being there.

So, think about ghosts. If we visit the original place, or we hold the artifact in our hand, and, if we find the right frame of mind, then something happens. Combine knowledge of the past with the physical object, and we can get much more than the sum of two parts. If the circumstances are right, we share something with those who once touched — or who saw — what we now touch or see.

We find history transcending dates and facts. We join the past by sensing its unique texture. We hear what it’s telling us. The same thing happened to me when a Polish friend took me to see Auschwitz on a rainy weekday — a day when we, and the ghosts, were the only beings in that desolate place.

But, put aside slaughter and genocide. Happier ghosts dwell in, say, old books. Look at marginalia in books from other centuries — in books that’ve changed lives. As we read what readers have left in the margins, their ghosts reveal the transforming power of the written word in other ages. Or walk through old houses, for all houses are haunted in the sense that I offer the word.

And I leave you with this claim. It is, simply, that we never fully know any history until we quiet our minds, and listen to the people who once lived it.


From a John Lienhard blog post at the University of Houston


North Carolina Ghosts

North Carolina’s mountains are full of phantoms, spooks, haunts, haints, weird creatures and crazy happenings. The hills are filled with classic ghost stories, and with places to go to seek out the unusual and paranormal. We’ve got demon dogs, haunted hot springs, mysterious lights, stories and songs to keep folk singers and storytellers busy forever.

BIg Foot or Baloney

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Bigfoot, Lock Ness, Google Earth

Absence of evidence doesn’t usually constitute evidence of absence, but in cryptozoology it does. It is inconceivable that such large animals could exist in so many different parts of the world without anyone having found bones or other remains. If Bigfoot covered a range large enough to provide them with sufficient food and there were enough individuals to sustain a breeding population, surely we would have some material evidence by now. Meticulous surveys have thoroughly searched Loch Ness by sonar, submarine, and dredging without finding any evidence of large animals. Elephants show up spectacularly well on Google Earth: type in coordinates 10.903497, 19.93229 and zoom in on the herd—you can even see tusks and tails. No one has spotted a Mokele Mbembe on Google Earth. And the fossil record doesn’t indicate survival of large marine reptiles like plesiosaurs past the end of the dinosaur era 65 million years ago.

Bigfoot thoughts

Bigfoot lives in Napa valley in California  I am pretty sure.  If I do a Bigfoot hunt in California the odds are the same as Napa as Eureka.

The basics and probabilities stay the same as my ghost hunting advventures.  Absence of evidence doesn’t “usually” constitute evidence of absence.  Paranormal and cryptology are looking for that something “special” out there.  With Bigfoot there has been looking, searching, tv shows, and Google Earth research so far with no luck in the evidence department.  Lots of claims, but no verification or validation.

I always hate to bring it up.  Pattern recognition is the  “gateway” drug in both worlds of paranormal and cryptology.  I believe if I Bigfoot hunt in Napa, (with some wine) my science literacy and my pattern recognition will lead to a positive experience.  Granted, it will be a good time, the evidence might be another thing!

So thanks for all of you that follow the blog, appreciate your support.  Just like to share my Dean-naturalist, slightly skeptical, view of the world.



Being skeptical, what does the research show?

According to a 2012 study from the University of Texas at Austin, older adults are more likely than children to pick a supernatural explanation for major life events, such as death and illness.  People tend to be more religious as they get older says study author Cristine Legare, Ph.D.  As people age and understandably seek answers form any of these life event that tend to increase as you get older, many find comfort in religious explanations.

For people over 50.  Here is the reserch:What about aliens?  14% believe!     What about Ghosts? 18% believe! What about astrology? 10% believe!  What about Angels? 57% believe.  What about Bigfoot? 12% believe!  What about heaven? 68% believe!


Bigfoot, more proof? The pic is from my “Bigfoot Hunting Project Guide”–abc-news-tech.htmlbigfoot